Sunday, 4 November 2012


Time is the most precious 'commodity' that hasn't found its way to stock markets yet. Actually, that makes me think - could we sell and buy time as other commodities? Perhaps something for the future but for now, I am seriously struggling with time and any achievement is worth gold!

Nevertheless, I just finished and uploaded my book cover to Createspace today. Fingers crossed, I should get a proof in 48 hours and everything will be as expected. Well, you never know with your own designs...

Reading J A Konrath's 'Newbie' blog right now, I had to check my reviews and can happily say the stars are still there, shining proud and warm. Ah, I just hope sales follow in the same way but you know what, I don't mind even if I have to wait for years. I'll write some more, my writing will improve and having books on Amazon warrants longevity - they'll be there for ever (sort of).

Then again, several reviewers said Deceiving Noone is a perfect movie material so I ought to materialize on this. OK, OK, I'm not trying to be pretentious here but I will send a letter to Steven Spielberg every single week until he either agrees to read my novel or turns me down with a hate letter the world has never seen but even then I won't give up! I get shivers down my spine thinking what Spielberg would create from my novel.

I finished the letter and will start this week - and it's not even a New Year's resolution time yet! Time definitely well spent...