Sunday, 30 September 2012

RHS Garden Wisley

The past few weeks have been utterly crazy and I mean it quite literally. Promotion in my day job has steered me away from everything else and I've been preparing for the new academic year, trying to sort out the system to liberate some precious time (for me and everyone else).

Writing? Not much, to be honest but I knew this would be the case and taking a break doesn't hurt either. Starting with a series of short stories in mid October and investing heavily in the promotion of my first novel (I feel guilty as I haven't done much but time will come).

In the mean time, I've spent some quality time with my family. Well, I am a family man after all, although my availability in September departed heavily from the commonly accepted definition of "family". Ah, well, that's life. So, what were we up to then? RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Garden Wisley is the answer and looking at the images, I don't think you need words for this.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

ParaXperience: London 2012

I promised a post dedicated to London 2012 Paralympics yesterday (I think). Yeah, too much work so I don't really remember what happened 15 minutes ago (let alone one day...). Anyway, here a re a few shots from Equestrian and Athletics events. Was it fabulous? Was it fantastic? Was it emotional? You bet and much much more!

I mean, the the audience was the best in the world and the British public response to Paralympics was life-changing! The roaring crowd, the unimaginably devoted athletes and the ever friendly and helpful organizers/volunteers made these games spectacular, unforgettable and simply magic. OK, I am lost for words now - you should be there to understand why I am so excited.

Monday, 10 September 2012

August twilight

OK, I just realized it has been a month since my last post! A MONTH!?!? Well, I was promoted in my day job (thanks for your commiserations) and now I'll simply have to invent a longer day. I'm not giving up writing though. I miss writing and especially after receiving two 5* reviews in the space of two days I cannot help but being motivated! I am thrilled, I am exhilarated, I am over the moon.

Well, I also received a bit harsh review but any promotion is good promotion and I am not scared of people who obviously do not want to believe Indie authors can write. Yes, the book is full of twists and turns (I'm sorry if it was too shocking). Yes, the book is fiction. Yes, the characters do not use a typical slang one would expect (I intentionally used "does not" and "do not" here to prove the point - the text doesn't lose its flow, the story that keeps you glued to the book is pretty much all that matters). Ah well, I shouldn't take this personal and I don't, it's just my right to make a comment.

So, what's happening next? I'm starting my next novel and a couple of short stories in October. I'll have to be ultra efficient to squeeze all this in 24 hours but it's all fun, just fun. I'll manage, no worries about that!

Oh, and yes, I've been to Paralympics! What a treat, I'm telling you! Pics to follow in my next post... I AM BACK!