Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wasps or bees?

Not exactly a literary subject but something that bothers me for a few days now. Well, there is a weep hole just above the patio door (double-skin facade ventilation entry point). I like animals, don't take me wrong, but I don't like wasps as they are obnoxious little creatures and their stings are vicious. The pest control company asked me to take a picture to make sure they are not bees (of course, I don't want to get rid of bees!). Decide for yourself but they look like wasps to me. I took the picture late at night with flash switched on. That's the time when they're least active - I'm sure you'll understand why I waited up until midnight.

Anyway, summer in England still hasn't arrived and the forecast says more rain is on the way but next week we should finally see our bright star in the middle of the solar system and I want these wasps out of the way. In the mean time, I will be working on my daughter's drawings and have a final combing through my book before taking on beta reading (and proofreading) of my wife's baking book.

I met publisher for my professional book and she told me there were 274 books sold since April (71 in USA), which is really good for an academic book in such a narrow field and I haven't even started with proper marketing yet. Not bad, not bad and I hope the UK government picks it up as it actually provides a model for creating Building Information Modeling (BIM)-friendly business environment. It will take time but I am positive one day it will be recognized as a major milestone in construction management research.


  1. Those look like wasps to me :( Hope you don't have too much trouble getting rid of them!

    Congratulations on the books sales :) And I'm looking forward to downloading your novel next week! It'll be out just in time for our trip to scotland :)

  2. Thanks Dawn, I hope you're both fine!

    Wasps!? A pest control company will get rid of them this week - I'm not touching them, no way!

    It's my first novel so I am totally excited. Though, I have no idea whether people will like it or not. Expecting feedback and negative reviews are the most nerve-wrecking parts of it all (it will happen, my ego will suffer but it's all for the benefit of my writing I guess).