Sunday, 14 October 2012

Morris and Henry

I've been incomprehensibly busy for the past few weeks. Promotion at work sparked a volcanic eruption of activity (I know but I love hard work). I've been promoting my professional book and my novel although I'd be thrilled if someone invented a 30-hour day for me (please)! 

I keep writing all sorts of things that will eventually culminate in a series of new novels, short stories and professional books but there is one particular event that I need to promote with all my heart.

My daughter Marusa has published her first book today! HER FIRST BOOK at a tender age of 9! It targets  the 3-5 age group so not much text although the story itself is as curly as her hair on her Amazon profile. 

The images though are unbelievably warm and telling. There is no way an adult can create anything similar - faces that ooze character and emotions, colors that radiate happiness and all that spiced up with a story of unbelievable imagination. She literally did everything herself - daddy only helped with the technical stuff. Please support her effort and buy the book, your kids will love it!

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