Thursday, 29 September 2011


I also looked around to find out what successful indie writers are doing and accidentally discovered Amanda Hocking. She is a fabulous young writer and I finished reading a few days ago. Anyway, Amanda is earning millions of dollars but to me it's more amazing that she's got a granny in Reading, England (I live here) and that she asked for an agent via her blog, referring to a book The Secret, months before she even started self-publishing her books on Amazon! The Law of Attraction clearly delivered. Why am I saying this? Because I read the book The Secret, in fact I read many more, and I believe in the law of attraction.

So, let me copy Amanda (I hope she doesn't mind) and let the Universe know what I want. Well, I want to sell the first 100,000 copies by March 2012!

Here we go, I've said it and to quote Amanda: "The Secret thing worked for Oprah and Ellen. I hope it works for me..." It worked Amanda, my sincere congratulations, you really deserve it but now I hope it works for me too...

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