Friday, 3 August 2012

Kindle Boards

I need to increase visibility and get my book in as many different platforms as possible. Please, kind people, help me with that (please...).

To move things forward, I've designed a promotional banner for Kindle Boards. Here it is:

What do you think? It's kind of tricky as my book has so many different angles and twists. One of them is war that plagues Europe after the financial meltdown (sounds familiar?).

It's a background and not something that forms the crux of the story but some readers told me it is a frightening background - something that definitely stands out (among other things).

"Do you really think this can happen?", one of my friends said. Well, I don't know. Everything is possible in Europe. Just look back into the past - it's scary.

No worries though, romance and deception are still the dominant threads in the fabric of this book.

Right, off to Kindle Boards now to promote Deceiving Noone. I also need to get some guest bloggers, interviews and reviews on my blog. Something for the near future.


  1. Hi. I saw your message at bookblogs and I am following your blog. Follow mine

    1. Hi Ann, I did! Thanks for the follow! Cheers, Mike

  2. Promotion is half the battle! I've been trying to look at some more experienced writer's blogs to get some ideas for book promos, interviews, etc. It's a bit overwhelming. Best of luck as you continue marketing your story.

    I'm a new follower -- I found your blog via bookblogs. Mine is

  3. Thanks for the wishes Nickie! Sorry,I've been promoted at work and given more responsibilities so even more juggling with time. Yes, it is overwhelming, time consuming and darn hard but that's the only way to get the book out there. Well, I am more keen to promote it 'gently' as I don't want to drown my followers in promotional text but sometimes you just have to be more aggressive. All the best of luck to you too and thanks ever so much for following!