Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 - My year

Yeah, 2012 is the year I break through and make it big time! My first novel and my first textbook are both a huge success and I finally manage to set free to a great career as a writer. I start selling the first in a series of my innovative products and we move into a new house.

This is a fabulous year and we should all make the most of it. Any hidden desires? Have you tried to write a book for years but never got enough time to do so? That's the year you should be doing this! Put dilemmas aside, just do it, go for it, "what the heck" it and leap into the embrace of these desires, make them a reality, let them come true and make you and everyone around yourself happy. Come on, you know you deserve it!

Happy new year to the world, let it be a mind-blowing success, let it shine!

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