Tuesday, 4 October 2011

20,000 words

No, I am not obsessed with numbers but a few minutes ago my typing reached 20,000 words and I am thrilled. You may wonder why though. Well, my plan is to type some 1,500 words per day and when the nighttime is the only period of the day you can spare for writing, this can be a challenge. Not to worry, I am not whining, it's just a fact, pure and simple.

I am also excited as my central characters' circumstances are getting increasingly complicated making typing faster but also more interesting as I get under their skin feeling all the terrifying moments they are going through. I'm not going to reveal more (for now) but the idea is to keep my readers on their toes all the time, or even increasingly so as they progress through the book.

Eh, what the hell, I'll say something, OK. Well, it's about a terribly wrong-footed romance, which gets ever more complicated (including numerous smaller and bigger twists in between).

That oddly just reminded me of the Meredith Kercher case (no, my novel is not even remotely connected to the case)! It's one of the most abused mystery murders ever and I'm sure many will be crowding round Amanda and Rafaelle for various obvious reasons.

Having said that, it's an intriguingly disturbing case and I cannot make up my mind what to think. They have released her and Rafaelle Sollecito so thinking about the case it is disturbing if they spent four years in jail for nothing, it is equally disturbing if they have released murderers who look like angels and it is also disturbing that all the focus is on Amanda and Rafaelle yet Meredith Kercher, who was brutally murdered has been all but forgotten. That's why I intentionally didn't write Amanda Knox case above...

...and to steer into a completely different direction, Krugman is brilliantly amusing in depicting economic reality. Before finding Krugman I never thought a person could laugh reading a blog on macroeconomics.

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