Saturday, 12 November 2011

Keep going

I took a break last weekend and moved on during the week but my day job took a good part of me so I left the working week on Friday completely drained. My daughter got an ear infection puncturing her ear drum so I decided not to write anything during the weekend. I need to be with my family and take some more break before completing the novel.

Despite the setback, the story keeps unfolding into a set of twists and turns poised to keep my readers glued to the book since anything can happen to my characters, and I'm not just talking about the main character here. All of this makes me very happy and yet another short break is proving more productive than I originally dared to believe.

All in all, 10 more days to complete the first draft but now, I've got to focus on my family and my daughter in particular, poor little girl. It will take 2 months for the ear drum to heal itself and her daily routine has changed overnight but I still remember the nightmares of childhood diseases so nothing new on one hand but a terrible feeling when it comes to your own child.

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