Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Just having a sneak preview of the Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and the first few pages already scared the hell out of me! Why? Well, I am currently going through the copy-editing process for my new professional book that is coming out in April 2012 (yeah, don't ask, it's a nightmare being involved with two different books let alone two genres).

The key finding of that process is that copy editors aren't doing their job very well and this book actually tells you why this is so. They are overburdened with work and the process is far from meticulous. I don't blame them as I am in a situation like this myself - desperately trying to keep myself afloat and DO things PROPERLY! It is really tough and that is why the above book is so scary - it basically says fiction writers should self-edit up to the hilt before sending anything to copy editors. No wonder why I keep being awake till the early morning hours almost every single day.

No choice, I'll do it several times and the book needs proofreading anyway so there is no excuse really. I love writing and if that involves mastering self-editing then so be it, I'll do it.

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